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Cod collagen powder-General grade

Cod collagen powder-General grade

Certificated and Experienced Manufacturer of Collagen, Health Nutrition Supplement and Medical Food. HNB® Marine Collagen is hydrolyzed collagen peptide made from Wild Marine Cod.

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  • Ingredient: 100% Cod Collagen Powder

    Theme: Collagen Protein

    Rating: General grade

    Color: White

    Smell: Few Fishy Odor

    Calories: 374 Kcal/100g

    Certificate: ISO22000, QS, Halal, HACCP, CIQ

    Nutrition Content: 92-98% Protein

    Self Life: 24 months

    Usage: Recommendation 5g/day

    Package: 10kg/carton, sachet package, can package, or as request.

    Sample Time: 3 working days

    Bulk Lead Time: 25days

    Origin: Hangzhou, China

    HS code: 350400900

  • Health care function:

    1. Make your skin smooth and full of elasticity

    2. Keep strong and gloss hair.

    3. Promote muscle building

    4. Rich collagen can keep hemal wall elastic, reduce the risk of hemal burst.

    5. Accelerate the metabolism of skin

    6. Anti wrinkles

    HNB collagen is a high protain food additive.

  • 1. Make-up and skin-care: HNB Collagen is a sort of high quality material for cosmetic products like moisturizing cream, lotion, anti wrikle mask, etc..

    2. Medical care product: HNB is the first company in China who innovatively adopts collagen as a nitrogen source in FSMPs. HNB's FSMPs include nutritionally complete foods with Nutrient-Adapted Formulation Specific for a diease, disorder or medical condition, nutritionally complete foods with a standard nutrient formulation, nutritionall incomplete foods with a standard formulation or a nutrient-adapted formulation specific for a disease, disorder or medical condition.

    3. Food: HNB collagen is a high protein food additive, which can be used in most beverage without any unfavorable taste

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